Dasa Pushpam

DASAPUSHPAM (Ten auspicious flowers)
Everyone in my neighbourhood will visit my house to get dasapushpam if there is any marriage function or the time of thiruvathira for 'pathira poo' all the ten plants are available in my house this is my father's reserve ,he is very particular abot it ,so for anybody its freely available in my house
What is Dasapushpam?(Ten auspicious flowers)

Its a mixture of ten auspicious herbs according to Kerala tradition used as an ayurvedic medicine for curing chronic diseases .It is also used with "ashtamangalyam" during marriage functions according to Kerala tradition and adding two more herbs (Total 12) called "Pathira poo" (Kerala hindu women used to wear on "Thiruvathira Day")

Have a look at each one

VALLI UZHINJA (Cardiospermum halicacabum)

THIRUTHALI( Manthrogora officianalum)

Muyalchevi (Oricheviyan)

Nilappana ( Curculigo orchiodes)

Medicine value : overcome infertility

Mukkutti(Biophytum sensitivum)

Mukkutti is used for healing wounds and animal poison

Vishnukraanthi (Krishnakraanthi)
(Ivolvulus ulcinoides)

Karuka( Cynodon dactylon)

Karuka is an inevitable part of naturopathy.
It is also used for diabetes and hyper tension.

Kanjunni (Kayyonni) (Eclipta alba)

Mainly used for preparing ayurvedic oils for hair loss

POOVAM KURINNILA(Vernonia cineria)

Cheroola (cherupoola) (Ervalanata)


Mr. Anonymous said...


I need the dasa pushpam. Would you be able to send it to me?


sona said...

it is really good to know that some one trying to preserve our own culture.
thanks for your helpful information.

chinchilla said...

Dear Sir :
I’m a plant lover and trying to find seeds from this little plant from India ( Mukkutti or Biophytum sensitivum), maybe you can help me with my search. I understand, that there is two varieties of this plant (Yellow and White). I found your e-mail on this blogger.


Let me know how much it will be, and I will send you the money thru Western Union.
Thank you very much.

Guido Alvarez
Florida 142 suite 1C
Capital Federal 1005
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jinu Raj said...

Thank you for your help.

Jinu Raj said...

thank you for your great help.

Jinu Raj said...

Thank you for your help.

Raji Ramakrishnan said...

pathira poo image please

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Ashwathy said...

thanks for ur information about dasapushpam.
We have a competition on october 2nd 2015 in bangalore. pls let me knw how to get this dasapushpam.

SIVA89 said...

the yellow mukkuti is commonly available in kerala...even on the road sides...

SIVA89 said...

the yellow mukkuti is commonly available in kerala...even on the road sides...